I pretty much have a new car crush every day. Who doesn't, right? Today, it's on the 1959 Ford Ranchero. Assertive ads would declare the whip's appeal. "America's first work or play truck!" Followed by, "Go Ford-ward with style!" The '59 falls into the first generation of the Rancheros built just before they get a Falcon makeover (which I love love love as well). If Ford slaps Falcon on it, you know I'm diggin' it.

However, before this first generation of Rancheros gets the facelift in 1960, we see there is a lot to crush on. So many little details that catch the eye with the '59. Apparently, in its day, it was considered the most beautiful Ford ever built. It's clearly evident why. I mean, did you check out the taillights? Ho-ly Sss-mokes. One can even appreciate the quad headlamp design and the "Safety-Vision" curved windshield.


So here's an homage to the beautiful 1959 Ranchero with some little creeps and their Ford Goon buggy. Maybe we will have one in the garage someday. Until then, we'll have to keep truckin'!