Do you remember that day? I do. I had just stopped into a coffee shop in East Nashville, when I heard the news that the great Lou Reed had passed away. A gasp left my lips, but no air filled my lungs. I sat down stunned. My black coffee rapidly cooled as my legs refused to move for an indeterminable amount of minutes. Difficult to digest.

Over the course of the last couple years, many of our rock legends have quietly left our world. We mourn. We listen. We remember. We hold tightly to the ones who still remain, valuing highly their contributions to the cause and imagining their caste as irrevocably invincible.

Often thinking, I was born in the wrong generation. It is the history that moves me most. I fill my head with tales of Cleveland's crazy rock history, like when Swingos was once a thing. Everything had its bright place in time. And we are all here for something. Be grateful for the moments you have and the music you hear. It is important to be present.

Remember you were born to boogie. So, keep truckin'. And when you feel crestfallen, go visit your rock'n'roll babes in the record store. This one here is for Lou. Find it soon in the shop!