Six. I've counted six classic VW Beetles in my neighborhood! Holy smokes. It's enough to ignite some heavy envy in any eye. Years ago it was my only dream car. In time since, it has fallen behind my more pressing fave raves in the lengthy queue. Now, I'm finding the little creep weasel its way into my dreams again. Due to the ceaseless sitings, I imagine.

Many a baby boomer I've heard ridicule their air-cooled faults, including my pops. As I set here examining testimony after testimony, I can't help but be assuaged by the charm the little whips crack out. So tell me, air-cooled patrons, you do love them love them, don't you? I'm learning and am by no means a self proclaimed garage freak knowing all the brass tacks. However, my eye is Unable to ignore the aesthetics of a well oiled gem. and I seek the council of all to unload your wisdom of VW Beetles on me. The Model years 1967 to 1969, I find, appeal to me most. Is the pursuit in acquiring a late 60's VW beetle a mad one? Enlighten me. I would love to hear your thoughts.