Ever since I was a kid, I've always enjoyed posting up in front of TCM and AMC absorbing old movies. The first time I saw Steve McQueen on screen replays vividly in mind. One weekend evening while I was in my teens, TCM was playing Love With A Proper Stranger. Geez. Insert adolescent root beer floated swoon here. I have to say, he's been one of my favorites from that very moment. McQueen has ultimately become synonymous with the Edgy-cool-tough guy persona and not necessarily the hero of chick flick. However, I cannot deny it will always remain in my top favorite movies category. While I do dig Stranger, my most watched Steve McQueen film has to be The Blob. Don't judge y'all. It's sooo good! With street racing hotrods, man-eating aliens falling from space, and the blue-eyed McQueen, how could it not be everything you were ever searching for? Perhaps I'll tuck that elaboration away for another post.

Nevertheless, in honor of the one who epitomizes every inch of cool, I've created a badge to commemorate his roguish ways. Racer. Actor. Whatever that man did, he did well. This badge is christened "Green Rat" in memory of the 1957 Jaguar XKSS McQueen used to race up and down the Sunset Strip. Holy Smokes! What a guy. In parting, I will leave with you some sweet words of our King of Cool, "I live for myself and I answer to nobody." From the tires of your Triumph to the tip of the cig beguilingly set in the corner of your smirk, may the Cool be with you.