Here is a list of my current podcast favorites, my steady rotations, and some new gold.



Marc Maron - Episode 840 - Alice Cooper
Never have I ever listened to Maron. Sorry, but I found his frequent strident interjections a tad grating. Just let Alice speak, man! Having said that, who doesn't like some moments with Alice Cooper. You get a taste of the scene he lived. He is openly frank about his faults. His triumphs are extremely noteworthy. And of course, there is this. He rules.

SYFY25 - Origin Stories - Neil Gaiman
Neil Gaiman is truly one of the greatest storytellers of our age. Albeit entirely corny, it's as though magic seeps into the world when Gaiman opens his mouth. If for nothing else, listen to the sound of his beautiful voice. I wish he would read all of the books forever, infinity. #CORALINE

Car and Driver Podcast - S2 E1 - Jay Leno
Falcon! Yes, Leno said he loves Falcons. A guy after my own heart. This is a total car talk episode. Horsepower! Fuel injection! Leno shares stories and his love of cars. Listen. Jay Leno has the most coveted garage of all time.



Astonishing Legends
This is a steady for me. I am one who loves the paranormal, cryptozoological, and unexplainable events. Whose a huge fan of conspiracy theories and life beyond our solar system? This girl right here!

Paranormal Podcast
I could just copy and paste the words above into this place. How redundant. Yet let me also add that I love a good Coast to Coast vibe. It's weird, I know. However, inspiration comes from all corners of the universe and the panoply of creatures that go bump in the dark night. Monsters can be way groovier than humans in almost all cases.

You Must Remember This
I don't always listen to this, but when I do, I enjoy it. I particularly was taken by the episodes on Charlie Chaplin. It was an earshot that left me thinking, "I never knew that!" And also prompted me to view a number of his films that I'd not yet seen.



The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel
I do not care if this is geared toward kids. I love good stories. I love good books. Sometime those good stories are in kids books. And this is a good story that happens to be a kids podcast. These episodes run rather short, some being only 14 or 15 minutes long. The plot thickens, and the mystery develops rather quick. I doubt it will take long for you to be hooked. To the STARS!

Desert Oracle Radio
Oh man. You know how I mentioned my fascination of paranormal happenings above? Well, I'm glad I stumbled upon this podcast. It's like Coast to Coast meets the voice of Cecil from Night Vale. Can't and don't want to turn it off.


My search still continues for the ultimate history podcast. I feel like I've tried them all. And for one reason or another, they don't pan out for me. If you have suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Take a listen to these. Hope you dig!