Quote: "I'm writing this down because I once heard that when you're getting older you're liable to forget things and I'd sure be the most miserable woman in this world if I ever forgot what happened this summer." Unquote Gidget.

Growing up, you'd often catch me watchin' Gidget reruns. My mom would sometimes call me Gidget. I'm positive it is because I would rake out words a mile a minute in the vein of the Sally Field Gidget fashion. Truth is, I still watch those same episodes from time to time if the moment catches me right. There are days (always) when I'm feelin' like a career change, and my heart beats in tune with the Gidget drum. You know that one episode where Gidget enrolls in auto shop class to the dismay of all the boys? Her goal was to know the business of fixin' cars so she could get a hearse of her own. Yeah, She often has some real solid gold ideas. 

Well, that Gidget's great, kids. But the Gidget in the book is somewhat different in a way I find markedly endearing. I won't delve into details because I truly think you should read it for yourself. The cast of characters is nothing short of vibrant, increasingly more so than the "clean cut" kids you see on screen. For that reason, I finally understand why she digs Moondoggie. You know, to be honest, he was kinda meh in the movies. And THE Kahuna. Man, he is just about my favorite. The beach bum even planted words of wisdom in my head that I was needing to hear.

Its fifties contemporaries dubbed it The Catcher in the Rye coming-of-age-story for girls. I get you, Holden Caulfield, but I doubt you've got anything on Gidget. It is a riveting story and could not put it down myself. Thing is, Gidget is a strong heroine all folks would find compelling to read. Yeah, she's just a kid, but all of us are just kids trying to be adults. 

Frederick Kohner has left us a little piece of gold between these covers. It is truly one of my new favorites. Since my "like" list grows with each book I read, I insist you dive into this little story. And your list will indeed swell at this tale as well. It sure was tough to find a vintage edition to add to my collection. Apparently, it is a hot item. Looked high and low and dug up this beauty. The cover is great, right?! A bitchen little novel.

I've yet to visit California. But from where I stand, the sands of Malibu certainly are familiar to me. Surfs up! Yah dig?

I finally located a used copy of Gidget on Thrift Books. I stop there often when I'm lookin' for a vintage edition of a book that I can't find elsewhere. It is a little on the worn side, but I don't mind.